Femme Fatale of the Week!

Our Femme Fatale of the Week for December 3, 2012 is:


April Chaplin!  On her most recent vacation, April completed not one, not two, but (at least) THREE workouts.  Including this one: http://instantlyblue.blogspot.com/2010/05/300-rep-kettlebell-workout-jump-rope.html

Looks easy?  See if YOU can do it.

Way to go April!  We salute you.

Wanna be our Femme Fatale of the Week?  Submit why you should be here. Until then, be. that. girl.



Congratulations to Martha M. ~ our Femme Fatale of the Week!

Her shirt says it all.  Martha M. is extremely intelligent, (like a BOSS), but is a girly-girl with grace and charm, too.  Most often, you can find Martha at Phlex Fitness/M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness.  As an instructor there, she keeps the party going with awesome upbeat songs.  Her signature song?  “Shots” by LMFAO.  She turns this upbeat song about small glasses of alcohol into one of the most intense, electrifying ab-burning workouts you’ll ever have.  But there’s more; she’s all lady with a ginormous heart.  She balances working you out until you feel like your lungs, or quads, might explode, with a smile and a hug when things get tough.  We salute you Martha!  You are. that. girl.


Femme Fatale of the Week November 9, 2012

Please join us in congratulating our Femme Fatale of the Week:  CHRISTINE BENINTEND!

Christine is just awesome.  She juggles a career and caring for her ailing spouse.  She could just crawl in a hole and feel sorry for herself, but she doesn’t.  She stays engaged with life by attending Krav Maga classes, working out with a personal trainer, taking time to walk with a friend and making time for wine with the girls.

We salute you, Chris!  You are. that. girl.

And to all of you out there…remember:  stay calm, stay focused and be. that. girl.


Femme Fatale of the Week!

Our Femme Fatale of the Week is….Dee S. of Westerville!  Congratulations Dee!  We are so proud of you and wish you continued success as you continue to be. that. girl.  Read on for Dee’s story:

“Since my husband is not yet up to pushing a mower and my son is at college (boo hoo), I had the honor of mowing the yard last night. We have a rather large yard and an old mower (referring to the machine of course—not necessarily me!)  It’s not just the mowing that’s tiring/stressful for me, it’s the whole pattern thing. Do I go around the tree in a circular pattern or straight across?  I am sure my neighbors were laughing from inside their homes and likely thought I was attempting to carve out “Go Bucks” in the yard as I crisscrossed here and there through the yard!   Anyway, I found myself repeating the mantra, “Be. That. Girl.” when I was feeling too tired to keep on keeping on! When I finished mowing, I couldn’t resist bowing to whomever was watching (likely no one!!) but it felt great nonetheless to accomplish the task!”

Stay tuned – the next Femme Fatale of the Week could be you!


Femme Fatale in the News!

Femme Fatale Merits Spot on Columbus Monthly’s “Best of Columbus” List

Best Way to Act Like A Lady
Femme Fatale Finishing School
Femme fatales are those sassy dames in classic movies who kick butt, win big, look killer in a cocktail dress, foil the espionage plot and always get the guy (or gal, as the case may be). Students of the Femme Fatale Finishing School, a ladies-only events company started by Peg McCort and Jason Holt, learn how to master all the tricks of the trade. McCort and Holt plan and host classes based on badass skills like seduction, gambling, firearm shooting and race car driving. The fundamental lesson of the school, though, is that the best way to act like a lady is to be a confident and happy one.

See full article at:


More info! “Ride the Edge” Event

Skid car, 100MPH, hot professional race car drivers – got your attention yet? Evasive driving maneuvers, Autocross, shooting air-soft guns out of car windows. Sound fun? Join us for an exhilarating day with Mid Ohio Sports as we go crazy with cars on their race track!

The adrenaline surge will leave you breathless.  The experience may save your life on the next icy patch you encounter. 

We start the day with a van ride up to Mid Ohio Sports. Upon arrival, we meet our hosts – top professionals in the field of racing. First stop: Skid Car. As you slide into the drivers’ seat (professional riding shotgun), you’re nervous, but ready. Start off in a slow turn, then accelerate into it until you lose control of the car – immediately pull it back under your control. You probably didn’t do it right. Try again. Soon you’re spinning out like crazy just to feel that loss of control – a free fall – then feel the power as you tame the “steel beast” again, and again, and again.

Next up, Autocross. Ride the turns of this twisty track in second gear as you give it gas, then slam on the brakes, punch it, brake, work the steering wheel as you wind your way through the labyrinth. Each time you go around, you go faster learning the limits of both you and the car.

Feeling Confident now? – we’re going to hand you a gun. Now you accelerate through the turns, gun in hand (filled with air soft “bullets”) ready to fend off the toughest “paper terrorists” around. Accuracy and wicked laughter gain you points, but is not necessary – just have fun!

Now that your adrenaline is close to full-tilt, it’s time for the official race track. In this high speed game of follow the leader you and four other drivers take turns being the second car (right behind the pro). Pinch yourself – you’re not dreaming – you are now part of the elite club that has actually driven on a racetrack! It will feel like the real deal. But it’s just a taste. That comes next.

Ethan Hawke preparing for movie role

Ethan Hawke prepares for movie role

Trade in your steering wheel for the passenger seat as you ride shot-gun with a professional driver for a “hot lap.” Yes, you will go at speeds in excess of 100MPH. As Ricky Bobby would say, “I wanna go fast!”

At the completion of the days’ events, you will be rewarded with a chocolate and champagne toast, official Femme Fatale Finishing School certificate of completion, t-shirt and “Bench Racing” party. Here, we will share stories of the day and toast your success. Congratulations! You are well on your way to becoming. that. girl.

Accepting reservations now! Go to CONTACT tab, shoot us an email with the words, “Pick Me!” and we’ll put you on our list. Pricing coming soon!

Loaded Guns 2 – High Octane!

Hello Femme Fatale Friends.

You lucky gals, you. Mission Control has quite the deal for you on the upcoming Femme Fatale Loaded Guns 2 class scheduled for Thursday, March 29th, 6:30p – 9p. For every friend you refer to our Facebook page (and they “like” us), we’ll give you $1 off the Loaded Guns 2 class (so, 10 friends = $10, 11 = $11, etc.) For every friend that signs up for the Loaded Guns 2 class, we’ll give you $20 – for each friend! (Limit $100). Jump. On. This.

We have a great night planned for you. We will start with a meet & greet with light apps and beverages. We’ll step onto the range, shoot a 22lr rifle, 9mm Carbine (small rifle), AR-15, AK-47 and…wait for it…the fully automatic machine gun (Tommy gun – from Al Capone days!). We’ll cap off the night with a Champagne and chocolate awards ceremony. All of this for just $150.*

*Price includes range time, range safety officer, gun rental, ammunition, eye and ear protection, targets, heavy apps, certificate of achievement and champagne reception after (champagne, beers, chocolate, heavy apps).

You CANNOT get this deal on your own – it is exclusive to Femme Fatale Finishing School. Click on the “Register Now” tab and join us.

be. that. girl.